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Winter get-away

ImageIt is not even Autumn yet but you can feel winter’s grip closing up on Helsinki. Nights are getting chilly and it is dark when I leave my yoga studio around nine in the evening. Gone are long, warm nights and friendly faces. Finns are going into hibernation that will last for another six months. Jolly, isn’t it? Hence the idea of sunny gate-away in the middle of winter. We have been scouting tickets to Lima for mid-December to visit my friend and her family. Three weeks of summer, good food, Latin America hospitality and easy-going fun. It seems too perfect to be true and in a way it is. As it turned out, the 700€ flights with KLM have been a snatch-and-run deal and are long gone, before I even had time to phone Lima. Ever since we have been scanning flight search websites, airline deals and concocting weird flying schemes. So far no luck.


It’s terribly hard to find good or even decent deals from Helsinki, unless you are planning to visit Asia or outskirts of Russia. American Airlines is still in the lead with 800€ flights from Stockholm so as long as we manage to get a feasible connection, we are in.

I can’t believe that I’m gonna say that but I do miss cheap airlines here. Not Ryanair cheap, it physically hurts to step down to their level, but Wizzair would work here perfectly. Unfortunately, it flies only from Turku and it looks like Helsinki-Vantaa sets too steep prices for any of the non-traditional airlines apart from Norwegian, but as we all know nobody can really call them cheap.



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